Ltr – Biking Solution (Toronto Sun)


Like Sue-Ann Levy, I also travelled around the city’s central area on Victoria Day (“Toronto’s gridlock is out of control,” May 16). Unlike Ms. Levy, I had a very easy ride on the TTC, which was both under-capacity and fast. In many cities around the world, driving around a city’s core in a car (especially in a single-occupant one) is now properly considered a luxury. Tolls are sometimes used to discourage the practice. Levy also complains that the mayor is “focused on bike laning every arterial road.” I’m not sure where she is getting her facts but it certainly isn’t Toronto. Indeed, Toronto’s problem isn’t that we have too many bike lanes, but too few of them — a mere 2% on our 5,600-km road network. For the last 50 years, we’ve tried to solve traffic congestion problems with more and wider roads. That clearly hasn’t worked — it’s high time we pursue different solutions.

[Sue-Ann Levy tweeted to say it wasn’t Victoria Day but another Monday at 3pm.]