Ltr – Montreal flooding should be no surprise

Re: Montreal residents waterlogged, May 9

“There was no warning from the city, no warning anywhere,” a Quebec resident lamented to media after escaping his flooded home.

Quebec residents deserve our sympathy and support as this new climate disaster unfolds. As a nation, however, one reaction we shouldn’t have is surprise. Canada’s climate extremes, from wildfires and heat waves to violent storms and flooding, are events that mainstream science has predicted for more than a quarter century.

The point here is not a smug “told you so,” but frustration at watching predictions turn to reality while serious action on climate change is still largely a plan of the distant future. In the meantime, many groups fight losing battles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: giant pipeline projects are approved, expressway expansions or renewals move forward and even simple bike lane projects are subverted by outdated car-centred policies.

A casual timeline for fighting climate change is no longer an option. If we fail to take action now, the painful consequences should be no surprise.